Cedar Grove


Birds Eye View of Cedar Grove c. 1910

Cedar Grove, 20

The little town of Cedar Grove located in the scenic, hilly northeast corner of Highland Township, on the Whitewater River. The location is near the site of the old Conner Trading post, which served the very early frontiersmen and settlers of the area. It’s location along the river and the old road made it a popular stopover place.  Plated in 1837, Cedar Grove developed primarily because of the construction of the Whitewater Canal.  It was originally called “Rochester”, changing its name along the way, probably as a result of plat additions to the town. It’s primary growth and prosperity came from the canal era, and during this time had an extensive boat building business.

            Its location along the main travel route was also helpful during the railroad era, and it had it’s own depot. Cedar Grove incorporated in 1907 and by 1915 its population was 185 served by the following businesses; 3 general stores, 2 blacksmiths, 1 large lumber and milling business, 2 hotels, 1 saloon, 1 baker and meat store, 1 livestock dealer, 1 flour mill and a tobacco warehouse.

            By the 1930’s Cedar Grove’s population was 229, its businesses consisted of 2 grocery stores, 1 hardware, 2 garages, a service station and three cafes.

            Today Cedar Grove has a population of 185; it still boasts two lumberyards, a building supply, a feed mill, tavern, antique store, etc. Several of its historic buildings still stand, and add charm to the scenery and community. The eighth highest point in Indiana is English Hill, just outside Cedar Grove, with an elevation of 1,019 feet.

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