St. Peter’s



St.Peters Church, Gothic Revival style    c.1853, photo c. 2003

photo by Swayne, c.1906


     Located in Highland township, about 7 miles west of Cedar grove in the rolling  land area south of the hilly Pipe creek region, the alternating fields and woods provide for pleasant scenery in this older German community.

  St. Peter was established in 1853 as a German Catholic settlement by Rev. Maurice De Palais, with a large church and Catholic School. By 1915 it’s population was 150 and it’s community was supplied by two general stores, run by Anthony Gillman and Zeiglar Brothers and serviced by RFD mail out of Brookville. Visitors or passing travelers could be accommodated in rooms at Zeiglar Brothers.

           By 1930, it’s population was estimated at 30, two general stores still served the surrounding community. Today,  in 2003, St. Peters is a  farming and bedroom community, with a gas station/deli/grocery store. Many of the well maintained original buildings still perform their functions for the descendents of the early families.

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